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Peachy Erotica – Erotic Massage London

Peachy Erotica

Peachy Erotica got in touch with ZimWebDesign as they were looking to build a new and fresh website that would invite people to the site and keep them coming back. When we began discussing the site and the content, it was easy to see what kind of website design they needed. Simple and effective.

Plumber SW London

Plumber SW London

This client found us from recommendation and approached us to build a brand new website for him as he had built his own website and it was doing nothing for him. The great thing about this client is he new what he wanted, the features, the social media, SEO.

The client had his domain already and all he did was point it to our server and when we were ready to swop over from his old website to his new and improved website.

Bulawayo Property

Bulawayo Properties

Bulawayo Property came to us because they wanted to improve their online marketing as they were not generating any new business from their current channels. They had a Facebook page and that was all and their main goal was to be see in the search engines.

What did we do for them:

Website: Bulawayo Property

Turbo Glass

Turbo Glass Zimbabwe

Turbo Glass is predominantly a boat manufacturer in Bulawayo and have a reputation that spreads across Southern Africa. And with the internet fast becoming the place where business in Zimbabwe are heading to they decided to get a website.

What we did for Turbo Glass: